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Training for 2021

Coached track sessions
Coached track sessions

Coached club summer training is on Fridays starting at 7.30pm at Brecon athletic track (moves to 6:30pm in the winter when indoor swimming sessions start).

There are a wide variety of distances to choose from in triathlon - from super sprints to Ironman and longer. As a result, individual training plans can be highly variable and finding training partners with the same needs and aspirations can be difficult.

We try to accommodate all abilities and to act as a focal point for advice, motivation and above all enjoyment. The success of any club is dependent on the motivation of the members - so feel free to advertise your sessions on our social media.

Attracting qualified coaches to the area has proved difficult but the club has a number of experienced triathletes who can provide direction if needed. Therefore our Facebook page acts as a good forum for discussion, updates and also race planning.

Triathlon Swimming

Coaching at Brecon Pool
Coaching at Brecon pool

Many come to the sport of triathlon without a swimming background and as such it can be very challenging to progress. If you are having difficulty with your swimming you can guarantee other club members will have had similar problems and will be glad to help.

We hire Brecon Leisure Centre swimming pool on Friday evenings during the autumn, winter and spring. These are coached sessions. There is an additional cost of around £6 per session (if booking the whole term to cover pool hire etc). Minimum standard for these sessions is the ability to swim 200m front crawl.


On a Friday we use 3 lanes with slowest swimmers in the first lane, and more experienced in the last lane, so everyone will be training with swimmers of similar ability. See our news page for further details and updates

We have local open water sessions in the summer and autumn.

Check out our resources page for some helpful links.

Triathlon Specific Coaching

Brecon Track
Meet at the track on Fridays

Run training forms part of our triathlon coaching programme on Friday evenings. Based at Brecon Leisure Centre track starting at 7.30pm (summer).
Coached sessions vary each week, covering cycle, run and transition.
Members pay £2 per session to cover track hire and floodlight costs.
Members need not be intimidated as the standards vary in age and abilities and you will always find people at similar levels.
Ad hoc runs are also arranged by Triathlon Club members - keep an eye on our Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter pages (@brecontri).

Triathlon Cycling

Club Social Ride
Social Ride

The Brecon Beacons provide a superb training ground for the bike leg of any triathlon.

Group rides are arranged on a regular basis and are usually organised through Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter. Every month we have a specific club social ride/brick, usually on a Sunday, from Brecon Leisure.

Check out our Cycling Route page for numbered rides and routes.


Club Cycle Routes

Cycle routes
Club Cycle Routes



Friday evenings at 7:30pm Meet at the Pavilion

Brecon Track
Brecon Track

Autumn and Winter
Meet at Brecon Pool

Brecon Pool
Brecon Pool


Indoor PoolsTimetables:

Brecon Pool

Builth Pool

Abergavenny Pool

Merthyr Pool

Brecon Leisure Centre 25m pool
Brecon 25m indoor pool

Open Water:

Brecon Promenade (Usk)

Fforest Fields (lake)

Brecon Promenade
Brecon Promenade


Club Strava Page

Strava Page